There is a phrase in Sanskrit “Devo Bhutva, Devam Yajeta” which means that one should worship god, becoming a god himself. Similarly to acquire wealth one has to acquire rich heart as well only then he can acquire wealth.
Manilal Chheda, once the son of a farmer is today known as ‘Rajyogi’ Manilal Chheda. Rajyogi Manilal Chheda says “all these are the blessings of the almighty lord kuber and it’s not all about being wealthy. “Now just like kuber, Rajyogi’ Manilal Chheda is doing all his work for creating thousands of kuber.

Life has changed for Manilal and for him this is a miracle. All this has happened because of the blessings of kuber, claims Manilal Chheda. There was a time when despite making it to the Merit list of Board Examination of Class 7, Manilal had to quit school only because he was poor and could not afford it.

In those days Manilal along with his brother and Mother used to work hard breaking stones throughout the day just to get Rs 2 or Rs 5 under the employment scheme as daily wages. At times just for a piece of Bhakri they used to toil in farms. Imagine a young Manilal cycling endlessly to deliver groceries. “Those were the days when I used to drink lots of water, not to quench my thirst, but to fill my stomach.”
But then a miracle was to happen and it happened one day when young Manilal was on his pilgrimage to Trimbakeshwar. “That day I was very disturbed and sad. At night I was alone, sitting in dark and suddenly I saw a figure coming towards me. With an orange turban on his head and those sharp spiritual eyes, Baba came to me and asked me not to cry. He told me to worship lord kuber that would take away all my sorrow.

He gave me the following mantras:
|| Om Hrim Shree Vasu pujya prabhave Namah ||
|| Om Hrim Shreem Vitam Vitteshvaray Namah ||

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda was too young then to know kuber and understand the power of Spirituality. But one thing he knew, he was blessed! Blessed by someone, who has the ability for creating miracles. Manilal returned home to be an altogether different person with all his abilities he started working hard days-after-days and things began to change. Now Manilal was not the any other ‘Tom’ next door, but a ‘Businessman’ who had luck and fortune as his friends. He knew what he was looking for. And the one who is ardent devotee of kuber has to become rich and wealthy anyways. He understood that faith is the key of any relation, be it business or otherwise.

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda made sure that whatever business he did he would always remain faithful to his customers. He also learnt the fact that success of Business does not depend upon destiny only but on ones endeavor and hard work. Success is when hard work is blessed with luck. With the will to help the deprived ones Manilal got the idea of Forming jewelry, one gram Gold jewelry and started his business ‘Swarg’ in 2005. As he says “Men come and thank us, because we made it easier for them to meet their wives’ desires for jewellery” Swarg entered the jewellery market in 2005 at a time when gold prices had gone through the roof, making the yellow metal unaffordable to the middle class. “Those were the days when gold prices were steadily rising. Gold was slowly going out of the reach of the middle class.

A random thought led to two years of research during which Manilal and his brothers, Vijay and Subhash, started experimenting with jewellery. The first store came up in Nashik in 2003. After Nashik, it was Surat, Ahmednagar and Pune then Thane, Mumbai etc.

Soon the One gram Gold jewelry was on everyone’s wish list and there was the demand for his jewellery. Model and Stars from the tinsel town began sporting it on screen and off screen as well. “People would visit our outlets from Mumbai and Thane to buy our jewellery,” says Rajyogi Manilal Chheda,
Even after being successful in his business he religiously followed the practice to make people around him wealthy and happy “There were many housewives who purchased jewellery from us at Nashik or Pune and sold it from their homes in Mumbai.” Swarg gradually became the brand for alternate jewelry and stones.

Swarg came to Mumbai two years ago and has seven outlets between Dadar and Thane all strategically located outside railway stations. Artisans make necklaces, mangalsutras and bangles from patterns created by a team of a dezen designers. These designers create at least 40 designs daily. Their brief is to go back in time and create antique, traditional designs. Each day, fresh pieces of jewellery reach the showrooms.

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda says all this is because of lord kuber. My life has changed and I wish to pay back to the society. With this gratitude he has launched a volunteer organization kuber Seva Sangh. The purpose of this he says is “As lord kuber has blessed me may he bless everyone. “He also plans to build a welth of god lord kuber golden temple in Maharashtra (INDIA).
May lord bless everyone!